The most secure guitar support

Feel the instrument like never before. Designed by GFA winner Thomas Viloteau, Le Support® is the ultimate tool that allows you to keep the guitar perfectly stable, allowing you to fully concentrate on your playing. A support that truly replaces the footstool.


A unique design

Le Support® is laser cut and made of high quality, 6mm cast acrylic. The resulting rigidity ensures there is virtually no play between the support and your guitar, which is an essential characteristic of Le Support®'s design.


Ultimate stability

Its unique design replicates the contours of a guitar and lets both legs come in contact with the support. To take Le Support® to the next level, screw in the two hooks and wear the elastic strap around the waist (sold separately), allowing both hands to play freely without worrying about holding the instrument.


Let your guitar sing

Le Support® is shaped to let the back of your guitar resonate with the least amount of resistance, making your instrument sound as beautifully as it can.


Add color to your playing!

Le Support® is proudly made in France using the highest quality materials and assembled by hand. In addition to the transparent version, try the different colors available to show your individuality!


Join the Le Support® Club!

Our returning customers enjoy 10% off their next Le Support®* with discount codes LESUPPORTCLUB10 and LESUPPORTCLUBFREESHIPPING!

*Offer valid only for returning customers who have completed at least one purchase (excluding accessories).

Introducing Le Support®

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